The Things A Plumber Can Do For You Today


One wonders how many of you remember such days. That is to say if you have had to go through such rigmarole before. You had a leaking faucet underneath your kitchen sink, and woebegone to you, you had a toilet that was overflowing, amongst other unpleasant things.

And lord alone knows what happened so late at night when the bathroom geyser burst its floodgates, because there was never a snowball’s chance in hell that this guy, you know, the overweight kind with his tatty and grubby jeans riding halfway down you know what, was going to come over so late at night.

No, don’t worry, no need to have nightmares again. Those were the good old bad old days. They are long past gone. It’s the twenty first century in case you’ve all forgotten. But then again, some of the city’s finest have been long and hard at it since before the millennium decided to take its turn.

Dial one up today and you will find that your local plumber will be over in a flash. He is the guy that takes care of all emergencies. We mentioned a couple of those earlier. A leaking faucet under the kitchen sink, an overflowing toilet bowl, or a burst geyser in the bathroom or basement. They are all emergencies anyhow.

The geyser starts to flood the basement in the middle of the night. You dial the plumber at that late hour and you holler; please help. And yes, he will be over in a flash. You dial the plumber over the weekend to attend to your troublesome toilet before your guests arrive, and yes, he’ll be there too. And do get this, he will not be charging extra rates for his unusual work hours. And he won’t be charging by the hour either.

He is what you call a flat rate kind of guy. This sounds very honest indeed. If there is any complex work that needs to be attended to, the qualified technician will conduct a full inspection before passing over an accurate quotation.