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A Cleanse For The Soul

The human body is most aptly compared to a mechanical machine. Much like the engine that makes a car run and intricate machinery that powers even bigger devices, all of these share the need for constant upkeep and maintenance. The human body is in this aspect because each person only gets one body. Therefore, it is imperative that it be taken care of properly always. In the way that machines need to have their parts and insides cleaned out and sometimes repaired, the body itself also needs a cleansing of its toxic fluids and substances throughout its many systems. It’s the only way to ensure that it will continue to run as effectively and efficiently, thus increasing the quality of life.

Cleaning the body is most often done through consuming cleaner and leaner foods and drinks which are free of processed nutrients and altered chemicals. The last thing that should be put in our bodies are artificially made foods and flavored drinks where the ingredients are made in a laboratory rather than in a natural field. Foods that are more natural tend to be strictly fruits and vegetables. Beverages that can be trusted to be free of harmful and artificial ingredients is most often just good old plain bottled water.


To achieve this body detox, many experts suggest consuming beverages and juices that are made from organically grown vegetables and fruits. A common fruit to aid in this is pomegranate, from which juice can be extracted and blended with other fruits. The many vitamins and nutrients packed in these blended drinks help flush out the many impurities lingering in our digestive system.

Since the body itself has its own cleaning and maintenance process, it helps to augment this system by giving it natural substances with which to complement the detox. Our body has the capability to clean itself but if one were to consume foods that are packed with harmful or artificial components, it makes the body’s cleaning process that much harder to do. For this reason, it is important to eat clean and healthy while drinking water and abstaining from carbonated sugary drinks and alcohol. The liver doesn’t need the added stress of having to clean up more than it already must.