Day: April 10, 2018

Gaming Getting Better, And Nothing Is Stopping It

As mobile gaming continues its exponential growth, the market appears to keep going with its increase of the gaming market share. Developers are constantly gauging the public mood and their appetites for newer and more engaging mobile entertainment experiences. Console games require a lot of initial investment which may or may not pay off. And as more individuals spend time out their living rooms, traditional gaming is waning down while mobile gaming continues to speed ahead in user growth.  With this expansion lies many types of games for various tastes and preferences.

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The key to a successful game application is the capability to attract and retain the attention of a consumer/player. The key is to keep them engaged, constantly interacting, and giving them a small cost of entry where the price is small enough that they’ll keep coming back for more. These are known as micropayments and the online world is filled with these. Their purpose is to increase revenue for further development and upgrades to an already established game and fanbase. This also has the effect of creating gaming communities. This is true in games such as Game of War, League of Legends, e-sports games, Baccarat Online, Candy Crush Sage, Words with Friends, and many others. The act of paying makes users want to invest more of their time in that which they already put money in, and they keep coming for more.

With the incentive to keep players coming, developers are now more than ever hard at work at upgrading and adding new content to established brands and games.  Often, the game takes a life of its own by having some sort of story or lore behind it, adding to the level of engagement and making players feel immersed in a game. This results in newer features, new levels, powerful items, secret missions, and new trophies, achievements, and prizes for players dedicated enough to keep going.

Another aspect of gaming that is gaining traction is the ability to broadcast one’s gaming to others around the world. Through popular platforms like Twitch, one can gain a following of fans who want to see players excel at their chosen games. The fanbase keeps growing as players want to see how other players interact with the same game.

Ultimately, a gaming business is intent on making money. This will result in developers making the best experiences they can with the brands and ideas they have in place. Players end up benefitting the most since they can be sure that games like Baccarat Online will always have regular support and updates to its many features and game modes. The communities get stronger and the level of engagement can only keep going higher.

Top 7 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a vlogger’s paradise. It’s never been easier to get your face known the world over. Overwhelmingly though, the most viewed videos on YouTube are music videos. Here is a look at the top videos with the most views ever.

1.    “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Coming in as YouTube’s top viewed video of all time, is the 2017 smash “Despacito.” This video proved that international audience can have a huge impact on American pop culture.

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2.    “See You Again” –Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Whether it’s because this song is great, or the fact that the video pays tribute to the late Paul Walker, this Furious 7 anthem has raked in over 3.5 billion views.

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3.    “Gangnam Style” Psy

It’s difficult to remember a time before Gangnam Style became the go-to dance floor move. This viral video was the inspiration for countless parodies and solidified itself in the halls of pop culture history.

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4.    “Sorry” –Justin Bieber

YouTube is Justin’s home, and he continues to dominate the space even after receiving worldwide fame.

5.    “Uptown Funk” –Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

With its old school charm and catchy beat, this song instantly became a classic. It was even performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

6.    “Shape of You” –Ed Sheeran

This sleeper of a song quietly made its way up the charts of most viewed video. Sheeran is wildly popular, but he doesn’t have nearly as much media presence as others in the top spots.

7.    “Masha and Bear” –Get Movies

You’ve probably never seen this one. It’s a Russian animated movie that has since been translated into 25 languages and is even available for streaming on Netflix. This just goes to show that international views are incredibly important on YouTube.